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Proximity Bomb is coming to Fortnite with the new update, video games 2019

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Proximity Bomb is coming to Fortnite with the new update, video games 2019

Proximity Bomb is coming to Fortnite with the new update, video games 2019, Epic Games is set to release a new update for the famous Fortnite game. 

Content update 9.20 will be released soon by Epic Games, bringing many new features to the game. The new update will bring the Grenade Launcher program to the game.

This new weapon will be provided for the launch category in Fortnite. Epic Games is famous for launching new weapons with each new update of the game. This time, they will bring this new epic weapon, the Bomber Bomber.

The grenade launcher will operate differently from the launcher menu. With this new launch tool, the launch tool for the game and the region will be focused correctly. 

Unlike the normal operator, this proximity sensor will have a specific playback time and will not be able to play at any time.

There are no official details available from Epic Games; however, the preview of the update is already available in the update for the game. The update will be provided on the same day as the news feed for the game. 

Epic Games will announce this new update within a few hours.

The art of the concept of this new proximity to the grenade launcher can be seen above. 

According to the leaks, the new Launcher will come in legendary and epic types. You will have limited areas to focus and shoot using this trigger.

The weapon causes damage to 70 bases and carries two different missiles. The rocket reloads time is only 2.83 seconds.

Proxim Grenade Launcher contains its statistics in the files, so we can expect this player to be available in the next game update. The new update will fix a lot of annoying problems in the game with this update.

As mentioned above, Epic Games has not disclosed any specific launch date for this game yet. 

However, we can expect the publisher to come out with a statement of the official release date. We will update you with Fortnite 9.20 Patch Notes with new features and fixes, stay tuned to the same!

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