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Phil Spencer confirms that the Scarlett Project Xbox is a single console

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Phil Spencer confirms that the Scarlett Project Xbox is a single console

Phil Spencer confirms that the Scarlett Project Xbox is a single console, Xbox has a new master system, although the version may be re-released after launch, Earlier this year, rumors were suggested that Microsoft would announce two new Xbox controllers in E3 2019 games

The version of Xbox One S All-Digital Edition was presented at least a tablet in May, and the Xbox Project Scarlett was revealed in E3 as expected, but given the earlier rumors and an old statement by Xbox Phil Spencer about "gaming consoles," many People I'm still wondering if the Scarlett family will include multiple systems. 

In a new interview with Business Insider, Spencer confirmed that Project Scarlett is the only next-generation console in the company right now.

"Last year we said keyboards, we shipped the console and now we've been detailing another unit. I think this is a combination," Spencer said. "We are focusing on the Scarlett project and what we are putting on stage," he said.

So if you are concerned that the Scarlett Project Xbox project will be as complex as the family of Xbox One-Standard, S, X, and now All-Digital - these concerns are now in bed. 

Yes, both rumors and Spencer were referring to Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. At the moment, Microsoft is only working on a next-generation master console. 

You can bet that we'll see at least one line of Scarlett systems after launch - the equivalent of Xbox One X - but that probably was 2021 as soon as possible.

In addition to the single Scarlett system, Microsoft is also working on creating a single, cohesive Xbox library: Xbox Compatibility Project Scarlett will support back-to-back gaming from every generation of Xbox devices as well as Xbox One devices. 

Yes, you will have your Xbox project Scarlett drive.

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