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New Apple iPad technology lets you leave your Lightroom laptop at home

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Adobe Lightroom for iPad, used to edit an image from Apple's WWDC 2019 conference

New Apple iPad technology lets you leave your Lightroom laptop at home, Scoop: The Adobe photo program will skip the camera roll, making the iPad devices more capable, The portable version of Lightroom will be a big step from its big PC-based brother with Apple's decision to let iPhones and iPads connect to storage systems such as portable memory cards and external drives.

Lightroom, Adobe's photo editing and cataloging software, can import photos today from flash memory cards to iPhones and iPads - but it's painful. You must transfer the images to the camera roll device and then move them back to Lightroom. 

At the WWDC conference this week, Apple announced that its new iPadOS will allow applications such as Lightroom to import images directly.

This is exactly what Adobe plans to add to Lightroom.

"We intend to support the direct import of Lightroom on iPad," spokesman Roman Skuratowski said in a statement.

Make Lightroom for iPad more useful
It may seem a bit simple, but reducing these troubles and giving photographers a faster workflow shows how Apple helps the iPad grow into a complete PC - with energy saving, control and flexibility with what you get from a computer. Which works for Mac or Windows.

And really, if you can travel using your iPad instead of a PC, right? IPad devices also make lightweight laptops like the MacBook Air a bit heavy and heavy, and can enjoy battery life and mobile network features as well.

The inability to import images directly into Lightroom for iPad helped tilt the programmer and amateur photographer Richard Jaywood toward buying Microsoft Surface instead of the iPad.

"The old thing on the camera was very addictive," he said on Thursday.

iPadOS gets a storage batch
The new options on iPadOS and iOS make storage even more powerful. Apple's chief software officer, Craig Federer, announced the change on Monday at the WWDC.

You'll be able to use USB drives and other external drives on your iPad, not just importing from SD memory cards.

This means that at least in principle, if your Lightroom catalog is too large to store your iPad, you can put most of it on an external drive and you can now use Lightroom PCs. 

Adobe has not made any promises about this type of feature, so if you're a mobile photographer, you're not excited. Apple's Photos app can only handle images stored directly on the device.

Apple's new mobile storage capabilities may be more interesting on iPads, but they work on iPhones as well. Applying files coming from Apple lets you access external storage systems, including transferring files there from your iPad or iPhone.

The new iPad Pros comes only with USB-C ports - a fast, flexible and industry-standard connector for charging and data transfer. IPads and other iPhones use Apple's former Lightning port. Storage devices can be connected using Lightning or USB-C.

Slow switching to computers that are similar to iPad devices
Switching to the most powerful iPad is painfully slow for some iOS enthusiasts and their newly announced cousin, iPadOS. 

Gregg Josiaek, Apple's vice president of product marketing for mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones, said it was Apple's protection.

"It's just a big iPod Touch - it was the worst thing we could imagine when we heard it," he said of iPad earlier in an interview with WWDC.

At that time, the small-screen iPhone program was better suited for iPad, but now the iPad is more than possible. "We have imagined from the beginning a very different experience," Joswiak said.

He said that the different experience may have been slow to reach, but it helped the iPad better than the tablets supported by the operating system Google Android. "On the other platform, tablets did not actually occur."

You can already buy Android tablet devices like Samsung Galaxy Tab, and newer Chrome OS devices like Google's Pixel Slate can run Android apps, but these devices are relatively rare compared to iPads.

With iPadOS, Apple gives new tablet capabilities: a rich set of screen splitting options to run multiple applications, gestures for copying and pasting, and some limited mouse support. 

It's not clear how well it will work for Windows and MacOS, but it shows that Apple is trying to help us surpass games, stream video and increase productivity.

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