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Microsoft has introduced a dual-screen Surface monitor behind closed doors

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Microsoft Surface

Microsoft has introduced a dual-screen Surface monitor behind closed doors, One of the next-generation Portable Surface Computers from Microsoft has two monitors instead of one screen, which are linked to a separate one, according to a new report from The Verge

Before you are passionate about the Surface phone, you should know that Centaurus is not so, because it is a more sizeable tool than a Pocket PC. 

However, Microsoft is proceeding with the use of new shape factors for the Surface line, and is ready to display its prototype internally.

Microsoft employees were invited to attend a comprehensive event for its hardware team, where they played a huge video of the new Surface devices and introduced a prototype dual-screen model, sources familiar with Microsoft's plans said. 

Microsoft has not confirmed anything at the moment, but the company looks to be less confidential, at least internally.

The Centaurus tool is similar to the Courier Tablet PC from Microsoft since the days when Steve Ballmer was in charge of the company - a product that Microsoft never shipped. 

At the same time, Andromeda was the most controversial version, which Microsoft has stopped developing at the moment, because it focuses on Centaurus.

The dual-screen surface works on Windows Lite, a lighter version of Windows 10 meant to compete with Chromebooks and dual-screen power devices. 

Centaurus and Andromeda are two types of devices that can pave the way for a retractable surface in the future. 

However, Microsoft is focusing on a dual screen surface at the moment, rather than a device with a continuous folding screen.

Intel is a prominent partner in all of this, as the chip manufacturer encouraged partners to create this type of device. 

The fact that Microsoft has already offered the Centaurus prototype to its employees suggests that the product may be released by the end of the year.

Microsoft is far from confirming any of these devices, but we've seen a lot of evidence in the past that the surface phone of some nature is still in progress, Panos Panos from Microsoft confirmed last year that the company is looking for other form factors and will launch when ready .

In addition to the new tool, Microsoft offered employees a working version of xCloud, the cloud service that will be launched on Sunday at E3. 

Microsoft is promoting it as a way to resume your games on the go on iOS and Android, rather than the console killer. 

Finally, Microsoft introduced a new prototype for Microsoft Teams, designed as an extension for the Microsoft Friends and Family chat application that supports site sharing, shared family calendars, and document sharing. The application is called Microsoft Lifetime.

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