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Google praises the Puerto Princesa River with Doodle

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Entertainment from Google. Google celebrates the protection of the Puerto Princesa River under the protection of the Ramsar Convention on June 30, 2012, with David Luo's doodle. Google Screenshot

Google praises the Puerto Princesa River with DoodleGoogle users can see an illustration of the underground river of Puerto Princesa by David Leu on the search engine's homepage, Manila, Philippines - Google celebrated one of the country's most famous tourist attractions and its environmental wonders, the Puerto Princesa River underground, with its doodles. 

On Sunday, June 30, Google users can see an illustration of David Low's underground river on the search engine's homepage.

On this day in 2012, the underground Puerto Princesa River became a protected site under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. It is also a national Philippine park and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ramsar, an international body created to preserve wetlands, said the river "It is unique in the area of ​​biogeography because it connects a range of important ecosystems from mountains to the sea, including limestone karst landscapes with complex cave system, mangrove forests and evergreen rainforests in lowlands and freshwater swamps."

The 5.2 km underground waterway is one of the longest in the world, flowing into the ocean, the world's largest underground outlet.

It is home to 800 species of flora and fauna that can not be found anywhere else, including the endangered Philippine parrot, the Hawksbill turtle, the endangered green marine turtle and the Nordic Greenshank. 

They are joined by giant spiders, crabs, fish, snakes, bats and swallows that can only be found in river habitats.

The Puerto Princesa River contains fossils dating back millions of years.

Google has made a number of doodles of the past in the Philippines to celebrate holidays such as Independence Day, special days like the 2016 presidential election, and birthdays for famous personalities such as national hero José Rizal and the national world of Del del Mundo.

A full list of previous Philippine Google Doodles is available here
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