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Does Nintendo and Xbox reveal a new partnership in E3 2019?

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Does Nintendo and Xbox reveal a new partnership in E3 2019?
Does Nintendo and Xbox reveal a new partnership in E3 2019?, Rumor has it that Shigeru Miyamoto may appear on stage at the Xbox E3 2019

Could it be the biggest surprise for the E3 2019 is the cooperation between Microsoft and Nintendo? Very few coincidences began to accumulate, and there are few signs indicating Nintendo in the lead at the Microsoft Xbox E3 2019 to announce something.

Some eyebrows were raised when the official Xbox account purged the brand-name E3 2019 (clearly green for the Xbox, along with the following text: "This is where you should be for #XboxE3."

Take a closer look at it. 
No, no, a little closer. Yeah! That's right: Microsoft directed people towards the Nintendo summary on Tuesday morning. 

Now, certainly, mention also the likes of Bethesda, Devolver and Ubisoft. But these publishers make games for the Xbox One, and they should have titles to advertise for the next Xbox Project Scarlett. Nintendo, on the other hand, does not publish games on the Xbox.

But the Xbox does publish games in a switch. 
Well, I've done it once. Cuphead for Switch launched earlier this year and showed the beginnings of a nice partnership, one I think will be fully realized in the E3. 

Need more evidence? We also have a Jeux Video report from the program that shows that Nintendo legend and engineer Mario Shigeru Miyamoto on stage in the Xbox summary. If this is not enough, the host and inventor of the Geoff Keighley Game Awards have written the following today:

"I hope this year's #e3 will be an extension of the message we sent to start the @Thegameawards last year - we're all better and stronger when we come together to celebrate the games, not the platforms, it's about content, getting more games in more places."

With all this evidence, I will guess that the Xbox Game Pass - Switch Edition will be announced. 

Nintendo will be one of the first external partners who have already taken part in the Project X Cloud initiative, which gives you the opportunity to stream your Xbox games from the cloud to any screened device. You know, like a Tablet PC, an iPhone ... or a Nintendo key?

We will know for sure one direction or another soon enough, as the Xbox E3 2019 media summary will be released soon. This is the way to watch the Xbox E3 2019 press conference directly.

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