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Discover the common E3 2019 Nintendo Direct length

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Discover the common E3 2019 Nintendo Direct length
Discover the common E3 2019 Nintendo Direct length, The E3 is fast approaching 2019, and as a result, more rumors and leaks about confirmed games for E3 2019 and other information related to the event. 

Recently, a Twitter user who claims that he has information about the gaming industry and its secrets to the Nintendo E3 2019 Direct will take about 45 minutes indicates.

Like the past few years, Nintendo chose to skip the E3 conference this year in favor of direct presentation E3 2019

Previously, entitled "Digital event" and vary in length, but display the Nintendo E3 2018 was a length of about 42 minutes, so there is credibility to the rumor.

Leak this length comes from PeekyBird! On Twitter. The user frankly stated in a tweet that the Nintendo E3 2019 press conference would be 45 minutes and did not submit anything afterwards.

This information should be taken with the salt pill because there was no formal confirmation of Nintendo

However, it should be noted that PeekyBird! Expect correctly that the Nintendo Direct will be held in April, so they have a track record.

Regardless, it is possible to see credibility in the information of PeekyBird! After all, another rumor suggests that Nintendo will announce more than 20 games in the E3 2019. If that's the case, then the Nintendo DirectX, which is about 45 minutes long, seems right.

In addition, there is a wide range of games that players still do not know much about. 

For example, despite the rumors of 2019, players such as Luigi Manchen 3 and Animal Crossing on Switch are still relatively unknown. 

At the same time, other titles in the void may also appear, including Bayonetta 3, Astral Chain and Fire Emblem: The Three Houses.

In any case, the Nintendo E3 offer for 45 minutes is likely to display some expected content and a variety of surprises. 

Many people may be disappointed that new migrations in Switch will not appear. 

However, Nintendo usually has some exciting tricks in its wake. You can watch the Nintendo E3 2019 direct June 11 at 9:00 PT. How to Watch Xbox E3 2019 and What to Expect for Xbox One and Xbox Two

Source: PeekyBird (via Nintendo Enthusiast)
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