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Destiny 2 is free to play, comes to Steam, and is renamed New Light

Destiny 2 is free to play, comes to Steam, and is renamed New Light
Destiny 2 is free to play
Destiny 2 is free to play, comes to Steam, and is renamed New Light, New Destiny 2 reveals that the basic game is about to become free to play, Today is a great day for Destiny 2. 
Tech-Engadget appears to have shown that the free Destiny 2 game is being played before its official announcement later this evening. 

The Tweet article and the news now revealed that the core game - along with the content of the first year - will be available for free download through personal computers and controllers in 2019.

According to the story (whose details are gathered on ResetEra), Destiny 2's free version will be named Destiny 2: New Light, and is scheduled to be released along with the Shadowkeep extension on September 17 this year. 

Not only that, but Bungie cuts its exclusive time-consuming relationship with the PlayStation for the console, and moves from to Steam on the PC, with a mutual savings package to be implemented across each platform except PS4.

Bungie seems to be heading World of Warcraft through its free Destiny 2 ™ approach, which gives Guardians the chance to experience the game early without having to make financial investments. 

Of course, once you reach a certain level or milestone (probably the end of the Warmind campaign), you will likely reach the paywall, and at that point, you will need a one-off fee to unlock the rest of the game and keep your progress intact.

The shooter in the world of Bungie is also on the verge of unveiling its next chapter in the form of a new expansion, already announced thanks to the recent Destiny 2 Shadowkeep leak. 

At the same time, Kotaku stated that the game is about to announce Google Stadia, a broadcast service coming from the same search engine company that answers all your pressing questions online every day.

That was not enough. 
Fans also discovered Destiny 2, which means that we will be able to keep Guardians' progress across platforms in the near future. 

We're likely to hear more from Bungie and Google about all this and more during their live broadcasts later today, but we'll update this story with more information as soon as we learn anything else.

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