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Best new iOS 13 features not disclosed by Apple at WWDC

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Best new iOS 13
Best new iOS 13 features not disclosed by Apple at WWDC, Apple executives took the stage in San Jose, California on Monday morning and took a look at the world for the first time on the company's next generation software platforms. 

The MacOS 10.15 is full of new stylish features, the TVOS 13 gets a great new home screen, and the WatchOS 6 features all the new features and new faces. 

You can read a full feed of all the big ads here, but it goes without saying that the star of the bid for the WWDC 2019 keyword from Apple was iOS 13

After iOS 12 focused almost exclusively on fixing bugs and improving performance, the company's new iOS 13 program Adding new features - Needless to say, there are a lot of new features in iOS 13 to cover all of Apple during its main show.

a fantastic menu. 
Prominent users Features Dark Mode new include system-level who are demanding it, and criticized the printing support on the plate Apple keyboard, and the feature "Log on using Apple" new safe, and the capabilities of the new calls that can be spam calls cancel almost completely liquidated. 

apple, Best new iOS 13 features, Apple at WWDC, Apple WWDC 2019, iOS 13 features, iOS 13, news, tech, new tech, WatchOS 6 features, iphone, IOS,
Best new iOS 13
But what about all the smaller iOS 13 features that Apple did not have time to cover on stage in the WWDC 2019?

At the end of Apple's 13th Division of WWDC's main WWDC program on Monday, Senior Software Vice President Craig Federer said there were plenty of new iOS 13 features to cover. 

As he said, a slide flickered behind him and listed about 70 new iOS 13 features for iPhone and iPad that were not discussed on the stage. 

The Apple 9to5Mac news blog captured a screen captured from the slide and wrote all the new iOS 13 features on that list. Here is the complete rundown:

IOS 13:
Optimal battery charging
Extended mono login
Option to download large applications over cellular phone
Video downloads optimized for congestion in India
Choose Wi-Fi in the control center
Enhanced QR code scanning
Read the goals in Apple Books
Data mode is low
the sound:

Play Dolby Atmos
Bluetooth wireless splitter
FaceTime, phone and messaging:

Improved message search
Silent callers unknown
FaceTime on dual SIM card
iMessage on dual sim

Site controls for shared images
Photo Search Enhancements
Reminder and Notes:

Manage folders in notes
Customize the appearance of reminder lists
View collaboration only in Notes
Look more powerful in the notes
New checklist option in Notes
MDM and Business:

Business chat suggestions
Separate data for BYOD
Manage Apple IDs for Business
Modern authentication for device registration
Calendar, Mail and Contacts:

Add event attachments to your calendar
New relationship tags in contacts
Block sender in mail
Mute the subject in the mail
Keyboard and speaker:

Express codes and separate Globe keys
Enhanced language setting
Thai-English bilingual dictionary
Hindi and English bilingual keyboard
Predictions of writing in Hindi
Predictions of writing in Dutch
Adjustable height Chinese handwriting keyboard
Predictions about Vietnamese writing
Predictions of writing for the Swedish language
Choose the language for each application
Predictions of writing for Cantonese
Arabic writing predictions
Vietnamese Dictionary Bilingual English
Update the main accessory controls
The password warnings are weak
Simultaneous phone calls on dual SIM card
Keyboard support for all 22 official Hindi languages
Lines of the New Hindi System
Apple News + in the UK and Australia

English-Hindi Seri sounds
Seri Suggestions in Apple Podcasts
Suggestions Siri event from third-party applications
Siri Shortcuts in Home Automation
Conversation Siri Shortcuts
CarPlay and Maps:

Support the second video stream in CarPlay
CarPlay support irregular screen size
Siri support in CarPlay
CarPlay Support adjustable screen size
Do not disturb while driving in CarPlay
Views a separate CarPlay application
Put light in CarPlay
Improved reporting of a mapping problem
Maps Place Card Enhancements

Safari start page updated
Suggestions Siri at Safari
Improved fingerprint protection in Safari

As you can see, there are definitely some gems that Apple did not get during the WWDC keyword. 

Both "improved battery charging" and "low data mode" seem to be very promising, and many of our readers are likely to fainted when they arrive to "improve the search of messages" in the list. 

The search functionality for Apple's iOS and MacOS messaging applications has been terrible, so we can not wait to see if Apple is working together on iOS 13. 

Also, you will not find the new HUD volume in the list above, but Apple has selected a small pop- Which appears when you adjust the volume in iOS 13. This is true, it does not prevent the middle of the entire screen anymore!

Now that iOS 13 beta 1 has come out (here's how to install it on your iPhone) and people are testing on their iPhones, a lot of news will be released about the new iOS 13 features that are not announced in the coming days.

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