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The Apex Legends Reveals Season 2: Watson, ranking, challenges the battle for improved battle

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The Apex Legends Reveals Season 2
The Apex Legends Reveals Season 2: Watson, ranking, challenges the battle for improved battle, Respondawn responds to the major complaints from Apex Legends Season 2. Will it be enough? , Respawn announced the second season of Apex Legends today in the EA Play live event. 
Much has been announced today including a new weapon, an improved battle pass, ranking mode, and the Tenth Myth, Watson.

Respawn started to launch things through the announcement of L-Star LMG, a new direct weapon from Titanfall 2. This machine seems very powerful, it is only available as a weapon of a care package. 

Which means that all you will get from the ammunition is what you will get throughout the duration of your game, L-Star will not correspond to other types of ammunition.

Apex Legends Season 2 Reveal Trailer - New Weapon, L-Star

The studio later revealed details of his entry into the second season of the second season. It is called "Battle Charge," where the new Battle Pass addresses many of the main complaints about Battle Pass for the first season. 

No longer challenges based on time and will accumulate so that you can hit many levels of scrolling that you want to complete faster. Expect new forms, rewards and four new mythical forms.

Apex Legends will also offer the ranking position in season 2. Through six levels, players can advance in their ranks and get the best Apex Legends players in the game. Corresponding grade bonuses will be paid at the end of the rating season.

Apex Legends Wattson Story Trailer - New Legend in Season 2

The biggest news of today's live broadcast EA was the latest personal revelation. The 10th Legend is known as the Wattson, a charming castle, which allows it to erect electric fences wherever it is. 

Its ultimate ability allows it to call the Pylon which acts as a tower center and support which ships armor panels.

Wattson combines Fortnite building mechanics with a more supportive role that makes it look like a strong ally in any Apex Legends lineup.

The second season of Apex Legends begins on July 2. Check out the Apex Legends guide for tips and tricks and check out the EA E3 2019 guide for more coverage on the live broadcast of the day.

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