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Google Maps to add safety feature for taxi passengers, Technology news

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Google Maps to add safety feature for taxi passengers, Technology news, Taxi providers benefit from their customers by taking a longer route that may be a little expensive for you. 

They always deceive their customers by doing so and to save your time and money, Google will offer a new security feature for the famous navigation application, Google Maps.

Yes, Google adds a new security feature to Google Maps for taxi passengers. You can simply view the right way on Google Maps or any other navigation app on your smartphone while on a taxi. 

But the new Google update will tell you whenever the driver takes a longer and more erratic route than usual.

This feature is simply useful for those who use Google Maps in different cities where the roads are unknown. The same feature also helps users know real-time traffic on roads so you can check if your guest is on the road in a taxi.

According to XDA developers, updated Google Maps will send an alert message to the user when they're out of the way for 500 meters. Your route will not be redirected unless you do so. 

This feature will help passengers stick to the same path. Currently, Google Maps redirects you whenever you are on a different route. However, with this new update, Maps will send an alert to notify you of the wrong route.

Whenever you receive an alert from Google, you can simply discuss it with your taxi driver. You can also ask him to return to the shortest routes that might cost you a little. 

Google Maps sends a real-time update and whenever the driver complains about traffic, you can simply search for the same in the Google Maps app. You'll be able to see if the route you've selected has road traffic.

The same feature will help you while driving your own car. This new feature has been provided in India. 

There is no information about the availability of this feature in other markets yet. However, we will update you for the same in the future.

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