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2019 iPhone XI may contain USB C ports, and detects the update of iOS 13 Beta

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2019 iPhone XI may contain USB C ports and detects the update of iOS 13 Beta
Mobile News
Apple has been set to launch the new generation of the iPhone, ie the 2019 iPhone XI. 
Today's update revolves around the 2019 iPhone version which will come with a range of innovative features. Apple receives comments from users around the world about iPhones and their problems.
It seems that the company has refurbished the shipping section on the coming iPhone. A new report indicates that the next iPhone any iPhone XI will contain a USB port C instead of a lightning port. Yes, the new generation of iPhone will come to USB port C.

A Twitter user shared this information while testing the new iOS 13 Beta update on their iPhone. I've shared a screenshot of this as well. Check out the common tweet from here.

A tweety screenshot shows a USB C cable that refers to a PC to connect to iTunes. C USB ports are much better than current lightning ports.

Apple has already cleared Lightning ports on new generation Apple iPad devices with USB C ports. This report almost confirms that the new iPhone 2019 will come with USB ports C.

If we talk about the latest smartphones, most manufacturers have recently adopted USB C ports on their new generation smartphones. Now Apple is also adopting the same on future iPhones.

The USB C port is compatible with many shipping options, which is why people will certainly welcome this new feature on the upcoming iPhone.

Apparently, the upcoming iPhone devices such as the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Max and the subsequent version of the iPhone XR will contain this USB C port. 

The company sells Lightning cable from third-party manufacturers, which is a huge source of income. We can expect Apple to transfer the entire iPhone lineup to the USB port in the future.

Well, this is just a report and there is no official confirmation from the giant yet. We have to wait for the official iOS 13 update to learn more about the new USB C port feature.

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