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You do not expect to get New Phone Pixel 4 folding this year

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New Phone Pixel 4 folding

You do not expect to get a Pixel 4 folding this year

although Google is implementing a new technical model for the screen .

From the first time Google began working at the Samsung developer event in early November to talk about the work done with Samsung on folding Android adaptations, it was clear: Google is working on folding smartphones on its own. 
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Quickly roll out to May 7th, Google explained that it wants Android to work seamlessly on collapsible devices, starting with Android Q

This was another indication that a collapsible pixel might be on. 

As I said before, everything Google enters into Android will find its way to the new Pixel phone - remember last year's support on Android P? It turns out that Google has confirmed that it is exploring collapsible mobile phones, but it's no use getting a retractable Pixel phone so far.

We are definitely modeling technology
Mario Curios Google I've been doing for a long time CNET said before I/O.

However, exec added that it does not believe there is a clear use of these devices.

"I think it needs to be more innovative than that," he said after he said folding would be useful for people who wanted bigger screens."The state of use will need to be something you go to," Oh, I definitely need to get this. "Now, you do not need to have a fold, it's kind of" nice. "
Google confirms the availability of the Pixel 3a Smartphone
In a follow-up comment, exec explained that Google is working on "folding models and many other new hardware technologies, and has no ads for related products at the moment."

What will Pixel Fold look like? Well, we have no idea, but the demo Google showed on stage in google I/O showed that Android works seamlessly on a Galaxy fold-like device. 

This does not mean that Google will go the same way with Pixel Foldable.

Samsung's first fold is far from the company's success, and it will be interesting to see if the Galaxy Fold is launched at all, given the major screen issues that prompted Samsung to delay the launch indefinitely.

Google recently announced the new phone Pixel 3a series, and phones are already available for ordering. 

The new Pixel 4 phone upgrade is expected to happen in the fall, as a recent report claims that Google has about three design teams working on next-generation Pixel models.

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