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What are all the features and improvements for Android Q?

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Android Q

What are all the features and improvements for Android Q?

An hour after Google's I/O 2019 headline on Tuesday, Google finally covered Android Q - the next major update to the company's mobile operating system. 
The Android Q developer beta has been running for months, so we know a lot about what the update will actually bring to the table, but this is the first opportunity we've seen the 10th version of the Android system in progress. 

In addition, Google has unveiled some features that we did not know about.

Google has divided Android Q into three main categories: innovation, security, privacy and digital welfare. 

Below, we'll cover all the highlights of the event and everything you need to know.

Google has accelerated through many key points of innovation, but as expected, Android Q will support folding devices (hopefully some will work better than Galaxy Fold) and 5G this year. Android will connect the access time and connection speed to the applications to know when 5G is available.

We also got a demo for Live Captions, which works entirely on the device. You do not need to be connected to the Internet, or even a network, so you can see these new captions on your video in real time.

Google also expanded the "smart reply" to work with each Android messaging app, and added suggestions like opening Google Maps to go to the address listed in the chat. 

But the new Dark Theme is bigger than anything else, and is a dark system-level Android OS. 

Google says it will help you save the battery, and Dark Theme is automatically activated on Android Q when you turn on the power saver.

As you go to security and privacy, Google noticed that Android "has the most prevalent security and anti-malware services on any operating system." 

Given the number of times we read about malware, ransomware, spyware, malware, and the applications we're reporting, this seems more necessary than the remarkable achievement. 

However, Google has increased its dedication to keeping your devices safe and secure, as privacy is now a high-level setting in Android Q, so you do not have to search for these options. 

With Android Q, you'll always receive a notification when a device tries to access your site. You can also tell Android to allow an app to access your site only while you're using it (such as iOS). 

Finally, online security updates will be delivered live on Android Q,

For Digital Wellbeing, Google says 90% of Android device owners using the app follow the application's timer targets. 

There was also a 27% drop in phone usage at night with Wind Down mode. Google also introduced a new focus mode on Android P and Q this fall, allowing you to choose which apps you find the most distracting and disable until you decide you want to use them again.

Android Q beta 3 is now available on 21 devices from 12 different manufacturers.

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