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Twitter best mistakenly shared location data for some iOS users

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Twitter mistakenly shared location data iOS users

Twitter best mistakenly shared location data for some iOS users

Social media giant, Twitter mistakenly sharing site data from some iOS users. The company is aware of this problem and has posted a blog about this problem. 

In the blog post, Twitter said that the ordeal was caused by a flaw in the Twitter app on iOS that collected site data for some users and shared it with a trusted partner of the company.

"We've discovered that we're inadvertently collecting and sharing iOS site data with one of our trusted partners in certain circumstances," the company said.

According to shared blog sharing, this error only affects iOS users who use dual Twitter accounts on their phones

In case, if the user gives permission to any account, the setting will automatically be reflected on the second account even if the user does not allow the site's permission for that second account. 

All this misconception leads to sharing this location data with others.

However, Twitter noted that only accurate location data was shared with a trusted partner for ad serving through a process called real-time bidding. 

However, advertisers only received a "puzzling" version of the location data, which "was not more accurate than postal code or city (5 square kilometers)".

"We confirmed with our partner that the location data was not retained and that it was only present in their systems for a short time and then was deleted as part of its normal operation," the company said in the help site.

However, Twitter did not disclose the actual time for data sharing in its blog post. But he said they informed affected users and urged users to review their privacy settings and review their settings.

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