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The new iPhone 2019 will display the redesigned antenna structure

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The new iPhone 2019 will display the redesigned antenna structure

The new iPhone 2019 will display the redesigned antenna structure

New iPhone antenna structure to provide improved internal reception

Big picture: Ko originally predicted the change again in November 2018, but is now doubling in this step in the last research note. 

Consumers should not notice a big difference but behind the scenes, this shift will provide time for manufacturers to solve production problems in anticipation of Apple's iPhone 5G.

This is the best design new iPhone 11 Max Elegant from Apple

In his latest research note, TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that Apple is modifying the 2019 antenna structure for the new iPhone.

Apple's current XS, iPhone XS Max and Apple XR use Apple's liquid-crystal antennas (LCP) that Kuo believes limit RF performance in some cases due to production problems, although LCP has advantages when it comes to high frequency RF transmission.

As the Apple Insider highlights, the expected iPhone 2019 will contain one unit for both MPI and LCP and three sets for an MPI antenna near the bottom of the new phone

This change will improve iPhone's performance as it relates to internal navigation, as we have been told, and improve revenue rates because of a more reliable production process. 

Apple will also be given additional flexibility (negotiation lever) when it comes to choosing a resource.

Even so, KO expects a cost increase of between 10 and 20 percent to adopt the new antenna technology.

This seems to be a temporary solution as the analyst expects LCP to be the core material used for iPhone 5G antennas in 2020. 

The temporary adoption of MPI will buy time for manufacturers to eliminate some production problems using LCP.

The picture courtesy Kevin Kho through Shutterstock

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