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Samsung is evoking an unexpected change in design for the Galaxy Note 10

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Samsung Galaxy Not 10

Samsung is evoking an unexpected change in design for the Galaxy Note 10

Samsung is widely expected to launch two different models of Galaxy Note 10 later this year, including a smaller model than you expect. 

Recent rumors also claimed that each version will also come with an optional 5G connection, Verizon has confirmed that Samsung will launch Galaxy Note 10 5G this year without sharing any further details about the new phone

In addition to everything else we know so far, the most knowledgeable people on Samsung in the world are now introducing a change in design on the new Galaxy Note 10 phone we have not necessarily seen its appearance.

Samsung unveiled the Infinity-O screen or the perforated camera screen long before the Galaxy S10 appeared. 

The Samsung S10 was not the first Samsung to design multi-display designs with camera cutouts in one corner. 

The design looks great, a much better compromise for the personal photo camera than the alternatives - the menu includes slider phones, pop-up silky cameras and dual-screen phones.

Samsung is very likely to use the same screen design for the Galaxy Note 10. 

But the screen may not be the same as the previous models. Samsung Insider Ice Universe released this mysterious twinkle a few days ago:

The leaser, whose predictions are often accurate, says that we are about to get a "very cool curved design, a more curved curve than observation 7", in the second half of the year.

Samsung is the company that has provided curved screens for several years, and the dual-edge screen has become the new standard for leading Samsung companies, including the Galaxy S and Note. 

Over the years, Samsung has improved the design of its curved screens to make them more durable. After all, one of the concerns with curved screens is that the bending becomes the most fragile impact point during the fall.

At the same time, Samsung's competitors, including Nokia and Huawei, launched phones with curved screens similar to the Samsung S and Note phones. 

OnePlus 7 Pro may also contain a curved screen, according to rumors, which will be the first of the Chinese company.

However, it is not clear what rap means. 
If we see any changes to the "edge" screens, we expect Samsung to be among the companies offering the new designs. 
Also, since the ominous observation is mentioned in tweet, it is safe to assume that Ice Universe disturbs the innovation of Samsung's screen design when it comes to curved screens.

Samsung is expected to launch the new Note 10 series in early August, meaning we will soon learn everything we can know about its design.

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