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PUBG was closed in China and replaced with a national game

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PUBG was closed in China and replaced with a national game

PUBG was closed in China and replaced with a national game

Giant gaming giant Tencent Games has withdrawn its infamous "borderless" fight in China Square after failing to win approval from the Chinese authorities for liquidating the game

However, in replacing PUBG, Tencent Games launched a national game called "Game for Peace" in China.

Tencent has made all possible attempts to get approval from the authorities to liquefy the game, however, every time they lose in their bid. 

At the end of 2017, the authorities refused to approve the last time and marked it as too violent for players. 

In response, publishers agreed to make local changes to provide "healthy, positive, cultural and value guidelines" for Chinese players. 

Even then, they did not get approval to make money on PUBG via in-app purchases.

Finally, the company decided to close the game and took a final decision to replace this game with a national game called "the game of peace", which obtained the approval of liquidation of funds in April. "Peace Game" is almost identical to PUBG but with a different playing mode. 

The theme of this game is basically to focus on celebrating the Chinese Air Force.

According to a Reuters report, a Weibo user said: "When you shoot at people, they do not bleed, the dead end and wave!" However, it will be interesting how this game will be developed basically. China. 

Will you really gain the same fame as PUBG? It would be a big question mark for that. However, from the end of the company, at least they will get some revenue from the game instead of NULL.

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