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New PS5 may cost $ 499, it will be launched in November 2020

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New PS5 may cost $ 499, it will be launched in November 2020

New PS5 may cost $ 499, it will be launched in November 2020

New PlayStation 5 will not be unveiled anytime soon, but we're still seeing an increasing number of reports with details. 

Sony has already confirmed some of them, including the compatibility and storage of super-speed SSD, while AMD absolutely went to say that making new chips that will power the PS5.
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Although we'll have to wait longer to get an official announcement, the new report already provides predictions about the unit price and the launch date.

Aceh's analyst, Hideki Yasuda, said the console would cost $ 499 when it was launched in November 2020, according to WinFuture. This is definitely in line with what we expected from Sony.

PlayStation 4 was launched in mid-November 2013 in North America at an initial price of $ 399. PS4 was deducted in the ensuing years, with the PS4 Pro, launched in November after three years of PS4, and earned the same price at $ 399 at launch.

PS5 is expected to offer several major upgrades on PS4 and PS4 Pro, which explains the higher cost. 

At the same time, the launch of November will be of great significance, considering that Sony will be targeting the holiday season.

The analyst expects Sony to sell about 6 million units in the first fiscal year ending March 2021 and an additional 15 million units in the following year. Yasuda sees the Xbox 2 as the new main rival of the New PlayStation
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It seems that the recently announced Google Stadia broadcast platform is not a serious competitor to traditional controllers such as the PS5, according to the same analyst.

However, Yasuda comments should be taken with the appropriate dose of salt. While the November 2020 launch window seems reasonable, there is no way to check the price of the console at this time. 

Sony will not share details in the near future, as you do not plan to detect the E3 2019 console.

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