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MediEvil remake release date - revealed by gameplay trailer

MediEvil remake release date

The MediEvil announced its remake for the first time in the PlayStation Experience 2017, promising to update Sir Daniel Fortesque's original adventure for modern fans with 4K images. 

We haven't seen a whole bunch of MediEvil since its initial announcement, but Sony finally announced the release date of the game as part of a new game announcement.

The new gameplay announcement for MediEvil remake game was released during the Sony Play of Play broadcast and confirmed that the game will have a very appropriate release date. 
As Sony announced, the release date of the MediEvil release is October 25, which means that the game will arrive in time for Halloween.

Since players control a renovated skeleton and the art style is strongly inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas, it makes sense that the release date of the new MediEvil release is around Halloween. 

In fact, the style of the game in the shape of Halloween was one of its strongest features according to critics in 1998, so it is wonderful to be updated to the modern audience.

MediEvil Remake Gameplay Trailer

While the new MediEvil edition looks forward to delivering the goods when it comes to their visual presentation, I hope you can do it using their gameplay too. 

The original MediEvil received some criticism over its controls and a shaky camera a day, so hopefully the other developer Ocean Interactive will be able to address these concerns with the new version.

Based on the gameplay trailer, it seems that MediEvil remake will already provide a more likely control scheme and tightening gameplay in general. 

Of course, it's hard to get a definitive opinion on how to play without actually playing the game ourselves, but based on the new MediEvil game clip, it looks like the game comes out well.

If the new MediEvil version is able to live up to the noise, fans may see MediEvil 2 getting a new version as well. 

Or Sony may be inspired to produce the first completely original game in the series since the launch of MediEvil 2 in 2000

But before fans are overly concerned about future games in the MediEvil franchise, they will have to wait to see how MediEvil remake performs first.

MediEvil will be launched on October 25, exclusively for the PS4.

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