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Borderlands 3 fan with Cancer Terminal gets to play the game early

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Borderlands 3 fan with Cancer Terminal gets to play the game early
Borderlands 3 fan with Cancer Terminal gets to play the game early, The Borderlands 3 are not released until September, but it is believed that one of the fans will be able to play the shooter sometime in June. 
Named Trevor Eastman, has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer and stomach and liver stage IV. 

The prediction did not suggest that he would be able to see the release of the Borderlands 3, so I turned to the gaming community.

Eastman turned to Borderlands Reddit official about a month ago, explaining his predicament and how he has been "a fan of the giant Borderlands for a long time now." , And the Bordersland fans' base did not disappoint. 

Recently released an update confirming that someone from the 2K games was in touch with him.

According to Eastman, this 2K delegate flies someone in early June, "probably will give him a [copy] of the game." It is not clear whether this is only temporary to play for a few days, or if Eastman is already provided with an early version of the pre-launch phase of the game Borderlands 3. 

Eastman chose not to name a 2K delegate because he was not sure whether he was allowed, and this is understandable given that he is likely to have to sign a non-disclosure agreement and that he finishes updating it by thanking everyone who helped "make this dream come true."

It is clear that Borderlands 3 and 2K Games help Eastman achieve the best results in a bad situation, but it is not the first time that players have met to help someone else. 

Last year alone, Bethesda allowed terminal fans to run a version of the early 76 Fallout, and allowed Nintendo to another fan to play Super Smash Bros. 

Ultimate early. Each position speaks of how well the players are tied and the positive impact of the games on others (and many who have been unfairly distributed).

Fans may also recall when Gearbox added a reprint inside the game and NPC to Borderlands 2 for the game fan who died of cancer, Michael John Mamarell. 

If there's nothing else, what everyone did to players like Mamaril and Eastman was talking about Gearbox folders, 2K Games and all the participants in the Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 was released on September 13, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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