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Apple iPhone and Mac App Store stop some users

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Apple iPhone and Mac App Store stop some users

Apple iPhone and Mac App Store stop some users

According to the Apple system status page on its website, many of its main services are currently experiencing a disruption. 

All App Store apps, the Mac App Store and the iTunes Store are affected, and Apple says the problems have arisen at 4:40 am Eastern time this morning. 

However, power outages have just begun to appear, and the reports do not appear to be widely disseminated, which led us to believe that this is a relatively short break.

If the service interruption is regional, it does not affect the Northeast, as none of us here at the TECH4UBOX in New York or New Jersey have any problems with any of Apple's services today. 

The incredibly small number of reports on DownDetector makes it difficult to locate the interruptions that affect users exactly.

Apple points out that "Some users are affected" by all three outages. "Customers may not be able to make purchases from the App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Books, or Mac App Store," the full description reads.

It's not clear when the service will be fully restored, but we'll be sure to update this publication when all lights turn green again on the System Status page

In the meantime, if you're not having trouble accessing the App Store or iTunes Store today, you might be in a clear position. 

Apple is unlikely to provide any detailed breakdown information, especially given the low number of people who have already been affected, but we will make sure to include any useful information that Apple shares in this publication when it is available.

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