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Amazon Echo users can now prompt Alexa to delete stored audio recordings

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Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo users can now prompt Alexa to delete stored audio recordings, Thanks to an seemingly endless number of privacy scandals involving Facebook and other entities, technology users in all areas have recently become more interested in privacy. 

In turn, technology companies have become more active about empowering customers and reassuring them that their data is not misused or stored incorrectly.

As an initial example, Amazon today makes it easy for Echo users to delete audio recordings on Amazon servers. 

In a press release issued today, Amazon points out that Alexa users can now say "Alexa, delete everything you said today," and you do not have to worry about the voice commands you live on forever. 

While it was previously possible to delete audio recordings from within the Alexa application, the new voice command simplifies the process considerably.

Amazon also notes that Alexa users will soon be able to delete their most recent request by saying, "Alexa, delete what you just said."

The new voice command was announced along with the launch of Echo Show 5, a smart, compact and relatively affordable screen with a 5.5 "screen to sell for $ 90.

Not surprisingly, Echo 5 has its own share of compact privacy frameworks.

Echo devices are built with multiple layers of privacy protection. As with all Echo Show devices, the new Echo Show 5 has a microphone / camera shut-off button that electronically separates the microphone from the camera and a clear visual indicator that appears when the audio or video streams to the cloud. In addition, Echo Show 5 has a built-in camera shutter so you can easily cover your camera, while still talking to Alexa.

When talking about privacy, you may remember that Amazon had gotten a little hot water last month when a message appeared stating that the company had thousands of employees who were actively listening to Alexa registrations. 

The motivation, of course, is to improve overall reliability, but the company's lack of transparency on this subject is confusing many in the wrong way.

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