What time will Samsung announce in the new phone Galaxy Fold, After fixing the screen defects

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What time will Samsung announce in the new phone Galaxy Fold

What time will Samsung announce in the new phone Galaxy Fold, After fixing the screen defects

The Galaxy Fold could have been a huge disaster for Samsung, but the technology giant was smart enough to delay the launch of the folding phone after reviewers found a set of critical problems that broke the screen. 

Samsung has delayed the release of the new phone during the investigation, and recently warned US buyers who have requested a fold in advance that their orders may be canceled if the phone is not shipped by the end of May. 

But Samsung will not cancel the device, as a new report revealed, because it has fixed the problems and will soon announce a new release date.
The news comes directly from Samsung CEO DJ Koh, who told The Korea Herald that Samsung "reviewed the defect caused by the material (which entered the device), and we will reach a result within two days (at launch)."

When asked if the phone could hit US stores this month, Koh said, "We will not be too late." Exec did not provide an actual launch date.

The report notes that Samsung has completed its investigation and is taking steps to prevent problems plaguing early units. So far, two separate problems have been identified that will result in permanent screen damage by the first reviewers and iFixit. 

A screen protector that is not supposed to explode will damage the screen if you remove it. The debris can reach the phone around the sides of the hinge and cause a display failure.
The Herald said that Samsung has taken measures to enhance the durability of the exposed area on the hinge and reduce the gap between the protective layer and the frames surrounding the screen, to prevent debris from falling under the top layer of the screen of the device.

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