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Google officially adds an interface similar to the widget to wear os

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Wear OS by Google

Google officially adds an interface similar to the widget to wear the operating system

Smartwatch makers face great competition because they invent new things every day to attract new consumers. 

After waiting for five long years, the tech giant, Google decided to add the Tiles-like Tiles feature to its Wear operating system. Yes, the company revealed that it adds this new feature to the Wear OS.

It's been five years since Google unveiled its Wear operating system for SmartWatches

We've seen a lot of improvements to the Wear operating system with new and innovative features. However, a tile-like feature similar to the same widget was not made available by Google like other Smartwatch operating systems. 
If you wait for the same feature, it will eventually come to a smart clock with the new update for the Wear operating system.

Google offers the new feature with Smartwatches quick swipe with left and right swipes. 

Instead of changing or changing the clock face, users will be able to swipe left and right to open a specific application such as Google Assistant, Google Fit, or any other device. 

The feature will be fully customizable and you will be able to use it in the Settings menu.

By making the new Tiles feature available to users, users will be able to choose the app and items selected for this multiplication feature. 

You will be able to arrange tiles in any order you like and will be ready to work for you. You just need to swipe right or left on the Smartwatch screen and the items will appear as you request.

Because Google only allows this feature for WearOS, for now, the menu is short with six elements. 

We've included all six elements you can use with the new Tiles feature in the Wear Wear-compatible Smart Wear watch.

Objectives, The next event, weather forecast, Heart rate, Newspaper headlines, Temporary

Google has not disclosed anything about this new tiling feature. According to Google, the new Tiles feature will be launched on all hours of Smart WearOS next month. 

The feature will be added with a major operating system update the following month.

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