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Xiaomi is designing a full-screen phone by turning the slit into a grotesque bump

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Xiaomi is designing a full-screen phone by turning the slit into a grotesque bump

Xiaomi is designing a full-screen phone by turning the slit into a grotesque bump

After introducing iPhone X two years ago, smartphone manufacturers continue to look for new ways to give users more partially-screened real estate by attaching sensors facing the interface in a small degree at the top of the phone, with some small cracks such as teardrops. 

It is a design that represents more functionality than limited space options, not a reflection of it as a design choice that users already want, which is why we have seen phone makers experiment a bit with the position and shape of the slot.

Which leads us to design a new phone concept patented by Xiaomi

The Chinese brand decided to try something new like this, which you can see in the picture at the top of this publication - it's an upside-down "reverse" sign that is basically a protruding bump from the top of the device. 

Featuring a dual camera and a receiver - but hey, it seems that Xiaomi wants you to think. You have at least a little more screen now where this class will go.

This design was monitored through the Dutch technology news blog LetsGoDigital, which states that the Xiaomi patent was published just two days ago. 

The patent envisions three different model designs, all of which have a prominent degree that the site describes as "somewhat comical," according to an English translation. 

If you look at the picture at the top of this publication, and the New Phone is blue on the left, the high grade actually looks like a face.

Chinese phone companies such as Xiaomi are experimenting more and more these days, with a former design of Xiaomi featuring a Sylvie camera at the bottom of the screen. 

With regard to this new patent, there are some differences between the three designs, as in the front camera mode and the receiver is either closer or spaced. 

The phone also has a dual camera setting at the back.

Again, this is just a design patent, so it is not an indication that the Chinese company will definitely go ahead with design in the form of a physical phone. 

It suggests, as we have said, a growing sense of experience coming from Asia. 

XIAOMI earlier this year patented a four-sided edge screen, and its rival, Oppo, is trying its new design.

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