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Verizon confirmed that the New Phone Galaxy Note 10 5G is genuine

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New Phone Galaxy Note 10 5G

Verizon confirmed that the New Phone Galaxy Note 10 5G is genuine

We've heard the same thing from a bunch of recent Galaxy Note 10 rumors, and now it's been confirmed recently: Samsung will already get at least two Galaxy Note 10s in stores this summer. 

The news comes from Verizon's CEO, who dropped that little mass of information during the company's quarterly call in the first quarter of 2019.

"The next year's note and the galaxy will get 5 G" during the call, according to The Verge. As we are still in the early days of 5G, this comment indicates that Samsung will release both 4G and 5G from Note 10.

Earlier this year, Samsung released four distinct versions of the Galaxy S10, including the Galaxy S10 5G larger than the Galaxy S10 + (pictured above). 

A 5G phone for sale in Korea should hit Verizon soon.

Although the Vestberg revelation is not surprising in this context, the CEO did not really spoil the Galaxy Note 10. 

He did not say anything about the Galaxy Note 10 4G, which is the most interesting story.

That's because rumors say Samsung will launch two different New Galaxy Note 10 Phones this summer, each with a similar 5G model. In other words, Samsung will release some of the four New Galaxy Note 10 Phone versions.

Previous reports have claimed that Samsung is looking to replicate the success of its Galaxy S10 sales by offering multiple options from 10 buyers' notes. 

The Galaxy S10 basically share the same key specifications, meaning you'll get the same basic Galaxy S10 experience no matter which device you buy. 

More money gives you larger screens, batteries and additional camera lenses, even support 5G.

Vestberg did not mention when Verizon's Note 5 5G will hit, but exec also pointed out that the LG 5G phone is in its way as well. 

This could only be the LG V50 ThinQ that was detected again at MWC 2019 several weeks ago.

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