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Sony wants your next bag to double as a screen, new technology

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Sony wants your next bag to double as a screen

Sony wants your next bag to double as a screen, new technology

Sony is exploring ways to bring flexible display panels to accessories such as shoulder bags and backpacks according to a recently discovered invention at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). 

At first glance, technology does not look very different from what has been tried before. 

Sony describes the technology as being built around a flexible paper-style screen connected to the power supply and control and switch over an electric cable.

When delving into the design, the separator will be the ability of the low-power "paper" screen to connect the smartphone application, allowing more than just a few colored lights to be displayed. 

In the example provided by Sony Pictures, the screen is larger than expected, occupying a large portion of the above accessories.

Consequently, if Sony moves forward to implement the design, the resulting products can be used in practice to display standard animations intended for the buyer's tastes or to display complex media such as games.

Bet on the growing market
The return of giant Japanese technology to the examination of offers for use in the accessories described in the patent-related document should not be too surprising. 

Not only integrating smart technology and others into clothing and the like is relatively insignificant in terms of the consumer market. This market is expected to grow according to most analysts.

Among the most appropriate reports focused on smart clothing and accessories that support technology, one of the reports presented by the Massachusetts-based international research and consulting firm in March. 

The company expects that the market for these types of tools will continue to grow by about 60 per cent in 2019. 

This is coupled with more growth leading to 2023 more than 40 per cent.

By all accounts, smart clocks and handheld devices will continue to lead the way for wearable devices. 

Earwear will begin to gain market share and gain second place starting in 2019, IDC says, thus turning the market away from traditional wearables.

Sony's patent looks like a new attempt to push the market away from the clock by improving previous attempts to put screens or animations on accessories and clothing. 

While the company will not necessarily issue any products based on this design. But analysts' expectations seem to support their technology exploration as demand is likely to grow significantly over the next few years.

Behind the bags
An example of Sony's use cases centered around backpacking or shoulder bags. 

This may allow users to transfer the media they love to display on their phones to a much larger format, making media sharing easier or just creating less pressure on the eyes. 

This technique is likely to be modified or reused for products that go beyond bags as well.

The obvious possibilities for other uses include the inclusion of clothing but it is not difficult to imagine the screens used in other wearable accessories. 

In fact, Sony explicitly refers to relationships - such as neckties or neck - or bracelets as possibilities. 

More likely, they may also find the use as a basis for multimedia in-car accessories or in any number of other products where the display may be required but less feasible than current technology.

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