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SnapChat launches its multiplayer gaming platform

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SnapChat launches its multiplayer gaming platform

SnapChat launches its multiplayer gaming platform

Forget to send Snaps and hold talks on Snapchat where the company just announced a multi-player gaming platform like Mario Party to enhance your gaming experience while dealing with your friends and loved ones.

The company added a new gaming platform to the current application that allows users to play integrated games on the Snapchat application. 

To make this possible, the company entered into a partnership with more developers and developed a series of games with its new project.

Snap Games can be played with your loved ones and friends in real-time through multiplayer mode. 

You can continue to text messages and talk to your friends while playing games. 

Snap games started on iOS and Android platforms starting on the same day.

To promote things within this newly developed gaming platform, Snapchat shows you a six-second ad or a promotional video that helps you increase your personality. 

You will win a coin in the game that can be spent on different things within the game.

Developers will receive a full share of the revenue generated by the players through this platform. 

These games are difficult to play with promotional advertising between; however, the company claims that you will have a great time playing the popular game with your real friends. 

To make the platform even more exciting, there will be a new competition scheme available to check your scores and profits in real time.

To advertise this Snap Game platform, the company held its first press conference or we can say an open event. 

These games will be more fun and will provide strong competition for the Facebook Messenger platform for games.

Fortunately, Snap Games is already integrated with the platform and you do not have to download the games separately. 

All games can be explored through the rocket button located in the chat section. You must review the available games and select the game you want to play from the screen itself.

The platform already has a list of exciting games ready to run. Connect with your real friends and start a new journey within Snapchat's Snap Game platform.

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