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Niantic announces Pokemon go Summer Tour 2019

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Niantic announces Pokemon go Summer Tour 2019

Niantic announces Pokemon go Summer Tour 2019: hosting festival events in Chicago, Dortmund and Asia

Just as in the previous year, Niantic announced three Pokemon Go Fest events in 2019. 

As before, the event was held for only two days in Chicago, but this time Niantic will host the event in three different regions including North America, Europe and Asia. 

The summer Pokemon go tour starts from Chicago and ends in Asia. This is the biggest event Niantic has ever held.

As we mentioned, this event will start from Grant Park, Chicago, the same location as the last two Pokemon go festivals. 

Also, this event will run for an additional two days from June 13 to 16. 

Also, one more change was made by Niantic for this event, which is the ticketing system. 

This time, you can buy tickets for these events directly from the Pokemon Go application as Niantic is on its way to building a new reservation system in the same application.

The next destination for this tour is Dortmund, Germany. 
Here the event lasts from July 4 to 7, and is held in Westfalenpark. 

Like the first, you will be able to purchase tickets from this event from the same Pokemon Go application. 

Asia will be the final destination of this tour. 
However, the Niantic will reveal more details about this destination later in the coming days.

If you fail to attend the Pokemon Go Fest event, you will have a golden opportunity to participate in global challenges during events and open some special rewards. 

In addition, Niantic will also host the monthly "Community Days" in June, July and August, where it will provide coaches with more summer activities to catch Pokemon.

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