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It is reported that the iOS 13 system will bing the iPard to replace laptops

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iOS 13

It is reported that the iOS 13 system will bring the iPad to replace laptops

Apple has always been promoting iPad as a viable alternative to a laptop for years, but the fact remains that iOS, in its current state, simply does not fit into the multiple tasks needed to make it a real workstation. 

This does not mean that there are no iPad owners who have succeeded in it, but I personally would be greatly disadvantageous if I trade in my laptop for the iPad to do my job, for a wide variety of reasons.

This may not be the case for much longer, as MacStories editor Federico Viticci claimed in a recent podcast episode that Apple will add support for the mouse and trackpad for the iPad on iOS 13. 

Although Viticci did not tell them that he heard This news from multiple sources.

Steve Irton Smith, the Irish developer and production steal, invented this week to support Vitek's claims, revealing that he heard the same rumors about mouse support that comes to the iPad. 

The mouse should connect to the iPad via its USB-C port, and Troughton-Smith states that Apple will not deactivate touch control. 

Instead, this will be just another advantage for users to take advantage of if they choose it.

With the Marzipan Project setup to break the walls separating the development of iOS and MacOS applications, providing mouse support to the iPad is certainly logical. 

Although Apple has no interest in integrating iOS and MacOS into a single platform, giving those who can use it another input option would be a welcome addition.

If you want to know what the mouse support looks like, here's a guide to the concept from a few years ago:

There is no guarantee that mouse support will appear in iOS 13, but if so, there is a good chance that we will learn more about it in WWDC 2019, which begins June 3 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose.

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