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Intel and Qualcomm Settlement confirm the termination of the 5G plans

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Intel new 5G modem

Intel and Qualcomm Settlement confirm the termination of the 5G plans

Intel has been on the market for years and offers a new generation of chips and smartphones

Today, Intel confirmed that a compromise between Apple and Qualcomm made it abandon the 5G plans.

About a month ago, Intel Thunderbolt 3 launched its 100 watts of power and external graphics card. 

However, things have changed after the chips manufacturer announced that they are no longer active with 5G modems due to Apple and Qualcomm collaboration.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Intel's chief executive disclosed that they had stopped manufacturing their 5G modems. Intel has clearly stated a compromise between Apple and Qualcomm.

The original news appeared on the market after the successful announcement of this agreement on April 16, when Qualcomm and Apple met to manufacture the fifth generation of 5G modems for wireless devices such as smartphones and other devices. 

Intel had already confirmed the end of the 5G modem manufacturing race.

Well, today, the company officially confirmed that it no longer manufactures 5G Modems devices anymore. 

Adding more about their future plans, he said he will continue to provide the fastest 4G modems for Apple's iPhone.

In addition, he explained that the company is already working on the launch of the next version XMM 7660 modem.


After all these reports are finalized, we are absolutely certain that Apple will not offer devices with 5G technology this year. 

The new iPhone will support only 4G connections so far. We will not be able to see the iPhone 5G at any time this year. 

Therefore, we have to wait another year for Apple and Qualcomm to announce their collaboration in the manufacture of 5G modems for the upcoming iPhone.

Well, Intel has not completely stopped its fifth-generation race, and the company plans to come up with an alternative and will continue to manufacture new generation chips for future devices. 
More details will be revealed soon.

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