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Google Photos now displays photos and videos that have not been backed up

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Google Photos now displays photos

Google Photos now displays photos and videos that have not been backed up

Google has released an update to Google Images on Android that makes the Photos app compatible with collapsible devices, like the new Galaxy Fold phone

This change is not very exciting for consumers, but the second change is: Google Photos now shows indicators for photos and videos that have not been backed up yet, making it easy for users to see what needs to be uploaded.

Google Photos users received the new view of the gallery at the last update, released late last week. 

With this, users can now see indicators that make it clear that the content has not been backed up safely. 

The application used to provide this feature, but was removed later.

Assuming that a particular video or image is not backed up, users will be able to manually select it for upload. 

It's a simple solution to the annoying problem of passing some content during automatic backup. 

Some users are seeing new trends now, while others are waiting for the update to begin.

In addition to displaying the new show, Google Photos for Android receives a collapsible hardware support before the upcoming launch of the Galaxy Fold. 

This compatibility comes in the form of "many improvements" made to the app, through Google not providing details about these changes.

This is the most recent update Google has released to serve images. 
Late last month, for example, Google Images was updated with a new tool that makes it easy for users to capture and cut documents and receipts right away. 

This feature eliminates the need to use a separate "wipe" application to back up these physical elements.

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