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Updated Correction fortnite 8.20 Comments: Explosive Bow and Season 8 News

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fortnite 8.20
Updated Correction fortnite 8.20 Comments: Explosive Bow and Season 8 News

Fortnite returned again with a new update and issued initial debug reviews. 

This time, Epic Games again released a new weapon called the Boom Bow, an arc with a heavy gun cartridge on the end that explodes when the target hits. 

In addition, Fortnite will also get the Sniper Challenge LTM, which looks to launch the long-range player in a confrontation battle.

In addition to the correction notes, Epic Game has updated the date of the official version 8.20 update via their Twitter account.

According to the tweet, Fortnite update 8.20 arrives at 1 pm GMT on April 2.

All of the above, the best of this update is, this update will not require any downtime in PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS or Android

Even players do not have to download any updates to get these content. 

Will be automatically put to them.

"Ready for your braces!" You read the epic games. "The content update for v8.20 will arrive tomorrow, April 2, at 8 am ET (1200 UTC).

Meanwhile, you can read the full patch notes for update 8.20 below.

Weapons and objects
The explosive bow

  • Shoot stock using a heavy gun cartridge on the edge, which explodes when impacted.
  • Use ammunition for heavy guns
  • The longer the pressure on the dedicated fire key, the stronger the shot! Increases the speed of extruders and direct damage
  • Explosive damage is fixed regardless of the force of the strike.
  • The burst arc reaches full power after 1.6 seconds of charging.
  • The direct strike will directly damage the victim and severely damage the enemy player.
Direct hit
  • Basic damage 15
  • Header Multiplexer: 2x

  • Damage 100

  • The duration increased from 10 to 20 seconds
  • Traffic speed increased from 20% to 40%

Bug fixes
  • A problem has been fixed to prevent players from queuing for pairs when the team leader is at a lower level.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the upgrade to first class if a player was associated with a first-class player.
  • Note: The noise is still getting properly, it was just a graphics error.
  • A problem was fixed where the bus ticket was calculated for the spouses according to the division of the group leader instead of dividing it.

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