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Finally, Samsung has identified one of the biggest problems of the Galaxy S10

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Finally, Samsung has identified one of the biggest problems of the Galaxy S10

Whether we're talking about facial recognition or fingerprint sensor technology, the most interested smartphone users when opening their devices is speed. 

However, the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on the new phone Samsung S10 smartphones left much to be desired.

In the same screen, the fingerprint sensor, though coolly cool, had all kinds of problems early on. 

Regardless of the successful efforts to fool the sensor, users complained that the feature was not very reliable. 

What's more, even when the device accurately identifies the authorized user, it was said that the unlocking speed was frustratingly slow.

In an effort to address these fundamental usage concerns, Samsung began early today to launch an update to the program by making the S10 fingerprint sensor technology more reliable, faster, and more usable.

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The update is fairly small - weighing only 6.9 MB - and according to initial reports from S10 users, the update greatly improves the speed and reliability of the footprint sensor.

Of course, the update will probably do nothing to curb malicious efforts to trick the fingerprint sensor. 

If you remember, someone just a few days ago used a 3-D printer to create a fake fingerprint and access the S10. 

The entire process is explained here, but in short, the user took a high-quality image of his glass from a glass of wine, placed it in Photoshop, and then used some of the three-dimensional printing software that copies a good copy of his printing. Only 13 minutes flat.

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