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Finally, Google+ is turned off today

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Google+ is turned off today

Finally, Google+ is turned off today
Google+ Shutting Down

Google+ will be shut down forever from the same day. 
Before that, Google already announced that its social networking system would be suspended today, and that day has come. 

Now, after a long period of about 8 years since its launch, Google is finally pulling out its Google+ service.

During this course, it's best to try Google to beat its competitors like Facebook and Whatsapp, yet they never gain much popularity compared to others. 

Google itself acknowledged that Google+ was a failure because the consumer version of "Low-use and sharing" and 90% of Google+ user sessions were less than five seconds.

Finally, Google announced that it will delete Google+ content starting today and all customer account data will be permanently deleted. 

There are many reasons that lead to failure, however, the most preferred reason is a coding error that leads to abuse of user privacy.

This coding error was observed mainly between 2015 and 2018, during which this error reveals some personal information to users such as gender, age, and occupation of third party developers even if this information is hidden from the end of the user. 

However, this error was detected in March 2018 and resolved by Google. But because of this, Google+ loses confidence among users and was ultimately destroyed.

Now finally, leave Google+ away from all of us. In a message sent to users, Google said: "This is a reminder that on April 2, 2019, we will turn off Google+ for the consumer and will begin to delete the content from Google+ consumer accounts. 

Photos and videos from Google+ will also be deleted in the album's archive And Google+ pages. "

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