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Back Pokemon adds some legendary Pokemon in the wild

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Back Pokemon adds some legendary Pokemon in the wild

Pokemon for the first time added a couple of legendary Pokemon in the wild. 

Niantic has surprised everyone by releasing three legendary Pokemon in the wild featuring Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie.

This morning, one of the Pokemon Go players reported that he had found the legendary Pokemon Azlaf and grabbed it in the wild in Arlington, Virginia. 
Immediately after this report, Pokemon Go confirms itself via its own Twitter site that Azelf and its counterparts Uxie and Mesprit were showing up in the wild.

All three of these legendary Pokemon are from the movie "Lake Guardian" trio, which first appeared in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. 

As mentioned above, this is the first time that Pokemon Go Pokemon Legendary has been driven to the wild. Before that, the legendary Pokemon was only discovered by conducting a "search breakthrough" by completing a "field search" in seven different days or by beating them into a "raid battle".

As of now, no further details are available regarding the terms of availability of such legendary Pokemon as in any area where they appear, or why the Pokemon spawn, or in any case will appear. 

All of the above is still a mystery and may be revealed soon. In case, if you also encounter a legendary Pokemon in the wild, share with us in the comments section.

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