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APPLE may continue to reduce the price of its IPHONE devices

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APPLE may continue to reduce the price of its IPHONE devices

Apple is expected to release its second quarter financial report this week. According to some forecasts, the company will post quarterly revenue of $ 55 billion to $ 59 billion. 

This means a decrease of 5% to 6% over the same period last year. The average of four different opinion polls for analysts shows that second-quarter earnings are expected to range between $ 57.44 billion and $ 58.27 billion, three of which are expected to reach $ 57 billion.

Apple's first-quarter earnings report showed that the company's first-quarter revenue fell due to lower iPhone sales. 

As we see through a series of selling methods that began in early 2019, Apple is trying to use price cuts and "save the market" trading plans. 

Discounts were first announced in China, Japan and other countries until the end of January, then extended until the end of February and extended until March. 

It has now been renamed Apple Trade In and extended to June 30. Apple seems to want to extend it to a permanent policy. Earlier this month, Apple had two huge price cuts. 

First, China reduced the price of its entire product range, although this was the result of a VAT reduction. Given Apple's revenue in the second quarter of 2019, analysts said that Apple is likely to lower prices more,

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According to the analysis, there are about 900 million iPhones in the world, of which 350 million will be replaced and upgraded in the next 12 to 18 months. 

Apple needs to make sure that it does not lose any existing users of the iPhone and expand its services to existing user bases. In order to achieve this goal, Apple will likely continue to cut prices on the iPhone in the coming months, price cuts may be even greater.

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