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Apple hired an Intel 5G Lead developer before settling with Qualcomm

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Intel 5G

Apple hired an Intel 5G Lead developer before settling with Qualcomm

Apple and Qualcomm may have solved their problems. 
This does not mean that they have been able to resolve all their internal differences and become close friends. 

Apple has always been in negotiations with 5G chip makers such as Qualcomm and Intel, but the company has finally settled with Qualcomm to manufacture 5G chips for the upcoming iPhone.

However, according to a new report from The Telegraph, Apple hired Intel's leading developer who worked on the 5G project. 

This is nothing but Umashankar Thyagrajan, who has already helped the company develop a 4G modem located in the iPhone lineup for 2018.

Apple is trying to integrate its own chip into the upcoming iPhone models in 2021 even after a 6-year licensing agreement and a supply chain agreement with Qualcomm. 

Thus, in seeing this, Apple appointed Intel's leading developer to accelerate this process. 

However, Intel has completely denied the existence of plans to work on 5G modems after Apple canceled the 5G chip project with the company.

But with the theft of Intel's flagship developer, the giant Cupertino Corp. is forcing Intel to redesign its decision to go back to building the next 5G portable modems for the upcoming iPhone.

Intel and Qualcomm Settlement confirm the termination of the 5G plans

In an internal e-mail message, Intel executives Misay Irga and Abhai Joshi revealed that Mr. Thiagarajan played a key role in Intel's iPhone segment last year and was the project engineer for the development of the 5G chip, known as the XMM 8160. "

All of the above, it is interesting to see how Apple will deal with the Qualcomm agreement where the company recently settled its problem with the chip maker.

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