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9 Essential Apps For Business Travelers

We propose you the nine applications that cannot be missed on the Smartphone of anyone who travels assiduously for business: from finding a hotel at the last minute to enjoying the best VIP lounge on long waits at airports, sleeping better or moving around city.

Many are the professions that depend on travel as a fundamental part of their own activity: commercials, journalists, lecturers, entrepreneurs ... They all share the same routes, share titanic efforts to balance their personal lives with the professional and, also, daily experiences and challenges in your trips.

From finding a hotel at the last minute to enjoying the best VIP lounge on long waits at airports, sleeping better or moving around the city, there is a long series of mobile applications essential for business travelers. Here are only nine of them, which cannot miss on the Smartphone of anyone who has felt identified with this description:


In business trips, hotels are usually reserved in advance and covered by the corresponding company. But what can not be controlled beforehand is that any unforeseen event arises that forces us to stay one more day in the city, to spend the night on some lost scale or to change travel plans before an urgent meeting on the road. In those cases, applications such as HotelTonight (Android and iOS) are key to finding accommodation quickly and with last minute offers.

Wi-Fi Finder

Since in Europe we do not have additional costs for roaming, many have forgotten the annoying and cumbersome process of searching for quality WiFi networks to connect to answer our mails or contact the family while we are away. Applications such as Wi-Fi Finder (Android) allow us to find the best open or paid networks, which will save time and effort in these desperate searches to connect us to the digital world.


If you spend many hours in airports, you have probably discovered that a way to spend that time in a pleasant way, eating something and resting without the stress of people running through the terminal is accessing the VIP lounges that the main airlines (and the airports themselves) ) make available to frequent travelers. These rooms are free for holders of a Business ticket or certain categories of frequent travelers (such as Iberia Gold), but the rest of the mortals can also access by paying an entrance fee. With LoungeBuddy (Android and iOS) we can find out which VIP rooms are available in our location and manage the payment directly from the app.


Traveling for business requires us to handle a large volume of information, from the flight itself to the dinners we have planned, the times and locations of the meetings, the hotel where we will sleep, the rental car that we will use to get there ... In order to simplify the whole organization of the trip, Tripit allows us to concentrate all these elements in a single point of management, compatible for both Android and iOS.


Something intrinsic to travel (whether for business or pleasure) are flight delays and cancellations. Also the madness of not knowing the boarding gate to which we must go or that it does not show on the panels until the last second. To shed light on these issues, FlightBoard (Android and iOS) allows us to know the status in real time of each flight, without having to stop a thousand and one times on the airport monitors.

Expensify / Recepit Chapter

Expensify and Receipt Chapter are two similar applications that share the same objective: to organize all the expenses that we have during the business trip to later be able to justify them before the company. In both cases, we will only have to scan the tickets and invoices so that they are part of our digital memory.


In the same line as the previous ones, we find the SAP Concur tool (Android and iOS). With a more professional screen, synchronized with the main business functions of large companies, Concur allows us to photograph receipts, import the expenses made with a credit card and manually add any outlay in cash.

Sleep Cycle

If you are one of those who suffer jet lag when traveling abroad, know that an app (Sleep Cycle, for Android and iOS) is here to help you. Its intelligent system, based on the mobile accelerometer, allows us to detect when is the best time to wake up (in order to be as energetic as possible) and, also, control the quality of sleep we have to improve routines while we are in hotels or transit.

MyTaxi / Uber

To move freely through the cities we travel to, we will need to have some of the main mobility apps on the market in our smartphone. If we are more taxi, having MyTaxi (available in 40 cities around the world) is a must. If, on the contrary, we are more of private vehicles or transport with driver (VTC), the key is Uber, with much more international presence than its main rivals (Lyft or Cabify).

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