Why Sony stopped silently selling phones in Australia 2019

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Why Sony stopped silently selling phones in Australia 2019

Why Sony stopped silently selling phones in Australia 2019 Xperia phones

After years spent trying to restore the imagination of Australian consumers, Sony Mobile seems to have thrown a towel.

Although the company has not made any public announcements, it is now clear that there are no new Xperia devices coming to the local market although they are available abroad, and even previously released Sony phones will be harder to find.

This is not a surprise to me at least. 
I have not received a press release on the Sony phone since April last year. 

Since then, the company has released two leading international phones - the Xperia XZ2 Premium and the XZ3 - but have not reached Australia.

At MWC, the world's largest technology conference for all portable things, earlier this month, representatives from all major mobile brands came to present assets and details about their new phones, but I did not hear anything about the newly announced Xperia 1.

In fact, I had no contact with anyone representing Sony Mobile since October (when I was re-set up from unusual smart ear buds), and no longer the PR company that was working with the Xperia business mark was working after that.

My attempts to find out if Xperia 1 might reach Australia, or whether the brand (most likely) left the country, did not reach anywhere. 

Finally, after reaching Sony Electronics Asia Pacific, I received a statement: "At this point, there is no confirmed Australian launch date for the Xperia 2019. 

We have reduced the volume of sales activities in Australia as part of our regional strategy, but we are committed to continuing customer support."

It is certainly unfortunate, because Sony has a long and successful history with their phones here.

My first mobile phone, in 2003, was the Sony Ericsson T230, so I took a long taste of the brand. 


In the early days of the Android smartphone too, Sony had some high-profile designs like the slippery Xperia Arc and the well-intentioned Xperia Play.

When I signed up for my first paid phone contract in 2013, the Xperia Z was often put next to the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S4.

But the Xperia phones seem to have become less prominent in Australia over time. 

Devices such as Z3 Compact and Z5 Premium did things that no other devices were working on, but you did not see much of them.

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waterproof Xperia Z and Z2

This may be due to bad marketing, or Sony usually puts out 11 different phones called confusing each year. 

It may also be that Sony phones always had the same homogeneous design and diminished the importance of the Android app, even when market leaders were outperforming more colorful apps and tricks.


Or maybe it was just increasing competition.

With both Apple and Samsung taking huge parts of the market, Sony's position as a major player has become more threatened by better and cheaper mid-range mobile phones

Sony's responses - an increase in division in its product line and a confusing reset of the brand with the Xperia X medium range in 2016 - did not speak particularly with the Australian market, even if there were some wonderful phones out there.

By that time, Google was also shifting its power to the main phone area, with Pixel carrying the same simple call type as the Xperia phone.

And the return of some kind to the Z line later in 2016 and the drastic redesign of 2018 does not move the needle to Osis, it seems unlikely that the tall and double screen docking on the Sony camera and video technology in the Xperia 1 phone will either be. 

Although it may be a controversial point at the moment.


The local Sony Mobile site continues to list phones from the Xperia X to the XZ2, although it no longer includes an option to buy Sony phones. 

XZ2, like all Sony phones, was removed from physical and digital shelves for JB Hi-Fi. You can still get it online at Catch, TobyDeals and others.

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