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The 100th birthday of Olga Ladizhinskaya was celebrated by Google Doodle

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The 100th birthday of Olga Ladizhinskaya was celebrated by Google Doodle

Google Doodle celebrated the birthday of Lady Ladyzhenskaya No. 97 on Thursday. 

But before the late Russian mathematician - known for her contributions to fluid dynamics and the solution of partial differential equations - achieved high honors in mathematics, Lydhyszkaya had a difficult beginning.

Born on March 7, 1922, Lydzhinskaya was born in the city of Kaliningrad, the father of Aleksandr Ivanovich Ledizinsky, a mathematician, while growing up in a small village. 

When she was 15 years old, Stalinist authorities arrested him and arrested her for being the "enemy of the state". 

This left a stain on the Lidenskaya family's name and was forced to accept it at Leningrad State University, despite its academic success.

Ladyzhenskaya, along with her mother and sisters, sold clothes to support themselves. 

Ladyzhenskaya also began teaching mathematics in high school. She was later admitted to Moscow State University, where she received her doctorate. 

In 1955, Ladyzhenskaya became professor of mathematics at the Physics Department of the University of St. Petersburg.

Ladyzhenskaya went to write more than 250 papers, the head of the laboratory of mathematical physics at the Steklov Athletic Institute, and became president of the St. Petersburg Sports Association in 1990.

Among the contributions of Ladyzhenskaya in mathematics are her ways of solving partial differential equations, including the problem of nineteenth Hilbert. \

She was the recipient of the Lomonosov gold medal in 2002. Lydzynska's work contributed to progress in weather forecasting, oceanography, aerodynamics, and cardiovascular science.

Ladyzhenskaya died in her sleep on January 12, 2004, at the age of 81.

Dr. Peter D. "She was always a rebel and was treated as one by the Soviet government," said Lax of the New York Times's Kurant Institute of Mathematical Science at the time of Lidzyzynka's death.

The Google logo today has a picture of Ulyge Lydinskaya, with the Navier-Stokes momentum formula written. 

The cause of Ladyzhenskaya's death was not determined.

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