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MineCraft eliminates the craze mentioned with the new update

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Maine Craft eliminates the craze mentioned with the new update

Minecraft has been on the market for years and still dominates the gaming industry. 

The game was launched by Microsoft with a set of limited features and old-fashioned basic graphics. 

Over the past few years, the game has received a lot of updates and it is still the favorite game of all. 

Manufacturers recently released an update that removed the cracks.

Apart from this, the new update added a number of additional features to the game with a lot of improvements. The splash screens have removed all unwanted notifications or signals from the notch.

Before this update, users watched a yellow screen message when they loaded the game on their own devices. 

Messages moved to first class. 
Many people suggested that companies remove this unnecessary message from the screen. 

Well, they have succeeded and issued a new update. 
You will not see such alleged link-related gestures during the game.

Many giant blogs have been communicating with Microsoft about this new update and the issue of the signals mentioned. 

The giant did not respond to their questions and simply denied answering the questions. 

There is still a hidden debate between the owners and developers of this game and of course the availability of Notch Mentions as well.

Many people believe that the company is breaking up from Minecraft and soon will be an independent gaming platform for players. 

The original game publisher tries his luck on social media and publishes such controversial statements.

Regardless of this controversy, Minecraft expands and will join the Xbox One Pass in the next month, that is, in April. 

According to officials, the game will be more powerful in discovering elements, locations, construction and more. 

Players will be given the ability to unleash their creativity to build anything under their imagination.

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