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The chief executive of MEIZU says the phone without an outlet was propaganda

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The chief executive of MEIZU says the phone without an outlet was propaganda

In an astonishingly frank article at the company's official forums, Meizu Jack Wong, CEO of Meizu, acknowledged that the recent Meizu Zero fund-raising campaign, "the world's first no-hole phone," was more than just a propaganda game (via Engadget).

"This group financing project was just a shopping team," the CEO wrote. 

"The meaningless guide is just a development project from R & D, and we did not intend to launch the project on a large scale. "

Wong's comments certainly reflect the reality of the IndieGoGo campaign, which gained wide media attention but has failed to reach the $ 100,000 funding goal

Despite the use of advanced technology for its port-free design (including wireless charging, capacitive touch buttons, eSIM support, and wireless USB data transfer), the phone was equipped with an outdated Snapdragon 845 processor - which was difficult to justify since it was 1 , 299 USD Ask a question about the price.

$ 1299 for a phone with a processor last year
Fortunately, as Meizu developed a fixed funding target for the project rather than the flexible targets used by the majority of IndieGoGo projects, the campaign ended without losing any of their money backers. 

Meizu's flexible goal could have allowed money to be collected regardless of whether it had reached its goal.

Although Wong claims that the phone is just a development project, a semi-functional prototype at MWC was discovered last week by Mashable, although it was hidden to some extent without a proper designation in the Qualcomm booth. Whether this model has a future as a business is unclear.

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