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Leica Q2 Launches with 47MP Full Frame Sensor, latest technology

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Leica Q2 Launches with 47MP 

Leica Q2 Launches with 47MP Full Frame Sensor, latest technology

The famous camera maker, Leica, unveiled the new generation of exceptional digital camera called Leica Q2. 

This is the second generation model under the brand Q Series camera. It is the new generation camera full of innovative features to taste the crowd.

The new Leica Q2 features a full 47.3 megapixel camera sensor. It also comes with a Leica Summilux 28mm F1.7 ASPH core lens and a few optional accessories that you can purchase from the market. 

Compatible accessories are available to improve their performance.

What makes this camera unique is its compact design. 
Unlike the other DSLRs, the Leica Q2 is very small but powerful in capturing high-quality images with professional quality.

Comes with an ISO sensitivity of up to 50,000. It can also record high quality 4K video. If you are a frequent traveler or adventurous enthusiast, the company designed this camera specifically for someone like you.

Sure, DSLR cameras take professional photos; however, some people do not want to carry large or large cameras. 

Well, this Leica Q2 is available to meet all your requirements as it has a small size and you can click on sharp images with one hand using this camera.

Q2 has 3.68 megapixels of OLED viewfinder where you can see the captured content. The EVF is automatically turned on when you use the camera to take pictures. 

latest technology, The camera comes with an auto focus feature that adjusts focus on the object for bright lighting.

You can take multiple pictures using continuous still mode, allowing users to capture 10 frames per second. The automatic lens adjustment time is 0.15 seconds so you can quickly capture perfect shots using this camera.

If we talk about other features, the camera lets you crop and resize images. 

The original 28mm image will always be available to you when needed. But you can also change the image size from the camera's settings menu.

The recently announced Leica Q2 announcement is already high and you can buy it now. 

The cost of the Leica Q2 camera is $ 4,995 and is very expensive for buyers in the economic field. 

Make your decision and make a wise decision on this new generation of powerful and compact camera Leica Camera, Q2.

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