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Facebook and Instagram stop some users around the world

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Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram stop some users around the world

Although you can open applications, they are missing key functions

Facebook and Instagram users from around the world report problems with their social networking platforms. 

It is reported that the famous social networking platforms have stopped working for thousands of users on the global platform.

Facebook seems to be broken and offline, and thousands of users from different countries have reported it on various social networking platforms. 

Twitter has been flooded with this particular problem, which seems to be on the global stage.

The original problem began somewhere around 4pm, as many users of these social networking platforms began to face the problem. 

They were unable to sign in to Facebook or Instagram.

The problem was different from one user to another. 

For some users, Facebook did not allow them to share their status or stories, because some of the Messenger did not work. 

The same problems persisted with Instagram users and were not allowed to publish their stories or new releases to their feeds.

Hundreds of users of these two social networks reported various problems in their social networks

Apparently, sites and mobile applications were both disabled. 
This problem has hit users of the United Kingdom, the United States and many other European countries. 

Over time, users in India and other countries started reporting the same issues using Facebook and Instagram.

Twitter continues to receive feedback from Facebook users and Instagram from all over the world. 

They are seeing the same error and they are all unable to sign in. Many users have reported that they can sign in after receiving the error. Yes, it seems that the error is not fixed.

Unfortunately, there are no confirmation words via Facebook regarding this issue through their Facebook and Instagram platforms. 

They seem to be still unable to figure out the real cause of the problem. However, we will soon see the actual cause of such an error by officials soon.

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