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Apple may soon make all new iPhones in India, after approval by the ministry: a report

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Apple may soon make all new iPhones in India

Apple may soon make all new iPhones in India, after approval by the ministry: a report

"Apple is expected to start assembling soon to the iPhone 8 at the recently approved Wistron plant, while the new Foxconn factory may be tasked with assembling iPhones with the latest quality"

A PhoneArena report revealed that the Ministry of Information Technology has approved the new Stron facility in India, suggesting that Apple is preparing to assemble its latest iPhone

The new facility will be added to the already operational Wistron assembly unit in India, which is currently gathering the older generation of Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone SE in the country.

The report adds that the new Wistron facility will be able to assemble iPhones into the iPhone 8. 

In addition, a proposal was made to establish a new Foxconn assembly plant for the ministry. 

With its approval, Apple will soon be able to start making all its latest phones in India, although we may need to wait until at least 2020 to see the latest generation of Indian-made iPhones in stores.

It is believed that this step will significantly reduce the astronomical prices of iPhones, especially those newer. 

At present, all new iPhones are imported to the country rather than assembled, forcing Apple to pay heavy import duties imposed by the Government of India. Pricing can be of great benefit, and the prices of new iPhones can drop by up to 30 percent, or more.

Apple's discussions with the government of India were part of a long-term process, although the company's efforts to consolidate its potential market in India could best be identified as a tepid attempt.

While Apple CEO Tim Cook talked about the increased focus on India during his visit to the country, the Cupertino-based company was also in talks with the government to provide some type of tax exemption, claiming that its phones were a future technology requiring exceptional engineering skill, It can not be found in India, at least for now.

However, with the unveiling of the talks of the new Wistron facility (Apple's partner in India), it will be interesting to see how this movement affects the company's business potential in India. 

It remains to be seen how the domestic cost of local manufacturing industries is reduced to the total selling price of the hardware.

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