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This strange robot can fold your laundry into a snail bisley

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Mira Robotics
This strange robot can fold your laundry into a snail bisley

Would not it be great if you did not have to worry about laundry? Mira Robotics unveiled a device that might improve this little monotonous work: a home cleaning robot that can wrap clothes in painfully slow movements.

On Thursday, the Japan-based AI Company unveiled ugo, a machine that handles laundry charges with the help of remote control, the Japan Times reported

This bot, which can be carried, put it, put clothes on the drying rack, to make the family help more suitable for the budget, especially, effective for customers.

The robot robot, developed in February 2018, was developed around 158 pounds and can be adjusted from 110 cm to 180 cm. 

In addition, the arms are approximately 60 centimeters in length to help them close clothes and complete other laundry tasks, including removing clothes from washers and placing them on drying racks.

Even with all these potential benefits, this robot is not the fastest device: as described in the above video, it moves on the snail's pace to take the shirt out of the basket and put it on the drying rack.

Although the job completes efficiently, it takes about a minute to finish both steps.

Ken Matsui, chief executive of Mira Robotics, told the Japan Times that she plans to change the robot's arms and speed up remote control to improve the AGO process. 

Currently, trained operators have to control the robot to make sure it can pick up, dry, and wash the laundry without technical obstacles.

The company aims to conduct a closed beta test in August 2019 and launch the ugo service in May 2020. 

Until then, this will modify the performance of the robot so that it can be a better helper for homekeeping for customers in the near future.

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