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Samsung is canceling its top fake cooperation in China

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Samsung is canceling its top fake cooperation in China
Upper Italy still exists, of course

Samsung canceled its partnership with the top brand after announcing plans to work with it in December. 

In a short update posted on Weibo, Samsung said it would stop partnership with Supreme Italia, a trademark that eliminates the Supreme Red Box logo, but is actually a hidden copy hidden under an Italian brand.

Supreme Italia has planned to launch stores in China, and Samsung has signed up for exclusive products. 

Samsung immediately called for the knockout system, and the company said it would reassess the partnership in response. 

Now, the company says it definitely does not happen. 
Samsung Engadget translated the statement, saying:

Samsung Electronics already mentioned cooperation with Supreme Italia at the Galaxy A8s China launch event on December 10, and Samsung Electronics decided to terminate this collaboration.

This is. Samsung is supposed to have realized that it is not a good look to enter into a partnership with a fake brand, but perhaps something else has happened confused.

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