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Samsung Announces 512GB EUFS 3.0 Storage Chip for Next Generation Smartphones

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Samsung Announces 512GB EUFS 3.0

Samsung Announces 512GB EUFS 3.0 Storage Chip for Next Generation Smartphones

South Korea's Samsung Corporation has officially launched a large-scale production of the brand new Chip, Samsung's new 512 GB eUFS 3.0. The company has just announced the new version of 512 GB eUFS 3.0.

Samsung's latest flagship mobile phone, the new Galaxy S10 has 128 GB of storage capacity. 

Therefore, yes, the current Galaxy S devices will not distinguish this memory screen. The company has started mass production of this chip for next-generation Samsung devices.

In a press release, the company officially announced this segment. They claim to be the world 's first 512GB eUFS 3.0. The new slides from Samsung come with a lot of consumer promises and have made everyone startle them. 

According to Samsung, the new chips are worth twice as fast as the current storage chips. We will see results when they are already provided in next-generation smartphones.

Currently, the chips that run on Samsung devices are UFS 2.1, while the new generation chips will be eUFS 3.0. The company also said that the new eUFS 3.0 will be four times faster than SATA and 20 times faster than the conventional microSD card.

If we compare the speed of this recently advertised chip, the user can transfer a full-resolution movie from one device to another within just 3 seconds. When it comes to performance, it delivers superior performance faster.

On the other hand, the random reading speed of this chip is 63,000 IOPS and write speed for this chip is 68,000 IOPS. This is a 36 percent increase compared to the existing eUFS2.1.

The sources also claim that the new eUFS3.0 will perform exceptionally well for people who are used to using multiple applications at the same time on their devices. 

You will be able to handle multiple applications simultaneously which will provide more productivity at the user end.

The company has just started mass production of its new chips in the sense of 512 GB eUFS 3.0 and 128 GB eUFS 3.0. The company will also begin production of the new version of eUFS 3.0 and 256 GB eUFS 3.0 in the coming months, ie in the second half of this year. 

Officials will soon issue further announcements about the production and what devices will support these new memory chips.

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